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  The windshield is a part of the car that protects against rain, insects , and against the wind, as the name implies. the windshield consist of two sheets of glass wich are joined by a PVB (polivinilbutino) that "sticks" to a blade to the other ,and in case of  breakege , does not alow the glass to shatter. Before 1940 the wind shield used in motor vehicles  fell forward at the moment  of impact : they used the tempered glass , which upon impact were  highly dangerous for the driver and passagers as glass emitting particles like that in explosion.
The technical advances  led to modern laminated  windshield glass, giving greater assurance of safety because at impact the glass pops detach without leaving dangerous particles to the vehicle occupants.
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Tempered Windshield

    before 1940

Whatch this video to see how it's made the laminate windshield and how the technologies is helpful to save lifes on car accident .

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Satefy is our priority ,to give costumer confidence and  security of our service , K & K glass you can trust , we give life time Instalation warranty for any glass installed, your satisfaction is guarranty .
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