Types of damage

K & K glass help our costumers save money, instead raplacing the windshield on your vehicle we can repair, if you have any of these kind of damage below, but Make sure the damages aren't on the driver side view, because sometimes the repair can be accomplished but still be visible.  

These are the damages that can be repaired

Bullseye or halfmoon (partial bulleye) with a diameter no larger  than 1 inche

Star break with a diameter no larger  than 1 inche

Large Combination break with a diameter no larger than 1 inch

Angel Wings with a diameter no large than 1 inch

Overlapping with a diameter no larger  than1 inche

Flower break  with a diameter no larger  than 1 inche

Wide Crack with a daimeter no large than 1 1/2 inches

Half moon break with a diameter no large than 1 1/4 inches

Combination break with a body no larger  than 1 1/2 inches

Large Pit break with a diameter not large than  1 inch 

Impacted Bullseye with a diameter no large than 1 inch

Circular break with a diameter no large than 1 inch

    These are the damages

that really need to be replaced

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